Day 005 – Roktu Hos (The Sankrail Uprising)

Writing about politics in West Bengal is like passing by a construction site. You would get dirty even though you don’t understand an iota of construction/ engineering.

Nevertheless, I am compelled to write for a thought provoking incident that happened today. A group of landloser farmers stopped work at the proposed railway factory at Sankrail. For details, you may visit the following URL –

Now that you read the story, here is what I have to say.

@GeneralPublic – Dada bhai/ Didi bhai, I hope you do appreciate the fact that a factory would definitely be a good thing for the industry forsaken land of West Bengal. I also hope that the very fact that the land was acquired 30 years back, and the landlosers were rendered (almost) penniless puts forward a strong case of social justice and better compensation.

Now here lies the point – the landlosers need to be compensated. But the land does not need to be returned; that would affect the West Bengal economics negatively.

@Railways – Work out a compromise formula and ensure that adequate compensation is paid.

@BartamanPatrika – Let TMC do their job of carrying out the responsibility vested upon them by ‘Ma..Maati…Manush’. It’s not your business. I remember your articles related to Singur that emphasised how wrong it is to deprive a farmer of his land. However, for the Sankrail case, you are not supporting the farmers but simply terming them as CPM backed folks. Go and read TOI or Anandabazar  and you will understand that people from Congress/ TMC are as much in it as CPM. Land acquisition is a sensitive issue – don’t play with it. A newspaper’s job is to ‘report’ the news and not to write melodramatic articles.

@Didi – What shall I tell you! You wouldn’t anyway listen to anyone. Please ignore my post, your highness. 😛

@GeneralPublic (yes, once again!) – I hope that now you understand that Ms. Banerjee’s stand on NewTown is not the correct one. It’s a bad example that she has put and it would increase social unrest and block development. NewTown is suffering for the lack of electricity, sewer, drinking water and all because a tiny-winy group of people are objecting to let go of their land. Let’s work on how to get them compensated and let’s not have a negative impression.

@PeopleLikeMe – Do you understand why people like you don’t belong to the ‘Ma..Maati..Manush’ category? It’s because most of you don’t vote and your reaction on the ballot paper is of least signifcance to the political bigwigs. Vote and make a change!
The number of people evicted at NewTown is much less than the number of people who have bought properties there. Let’s unite and fight against this.


PS: Roktu Hos means ‘Stop’ in Nepali  (as per my knowledge ;))


3 thoughts on “Day 005 – Roktu Hos (The Sankrail Uprising)

  1. Osadharon lekha. I wish everyone should read it to at least get some yes or no feelings. People are too indifferent these days to vote. better to know and give an opinion in the form of vote to make the change.

  2. Well….here is my view how I am seeing this….
    Yes, you are absolutely right that this is not acceptbale ofTMC’s demand that “return 10% land back to land salers ( i dont want to call them land loosers as they sold the land) …..THIS IS NOT ACCEPTTABLE….I respect your thought on this….and definately WB will have -ve impression to the out sider due this…

    Solution: WB Govt made some commitment to all the land salers during aqusition ,and I believe now is the time has come to fullfill thier commitment.

    Regarding the newspaper and all ,we are very much aware News papaers/channels are biased by some political sources, like bartaman ..TMC and ganasakti,ajkal…. CPM.

    But yes I am with you and in strong protest against TMC’s demand of giving back land.

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