Day 004 – 10 saal baad (Part I)

1. and you say that government banks lack business sense! Read this.

2. It’s been 10 years since 1st Sep, 2000 – our start day at Siliguri Institute of Technology. It’s been undoubtedly the best part of my life. Not only did it help me to become what I am today, but also it helped to find out my companion for life. And add to that the friends whom I met there; they are a very important part of my life.

I still remember the day when it all started. The West Bengal Joint Entrance examination, 2000. I had a decent physics and moderately ok chemistry examination. But mathematics wasn’t good – I still believe that my score must have been miserably poor. It wasn’t all my fault – the rickety wooden bench where I was seating in some government aided school @ south Kolkata, was full of bugs. They bit me on my palms, legs and I lost my concentration. Goofed up, finally.

The results were published on a sultry summer day at Kolkata; I could secure a rank. But I do not wish to disclose it and feel more embarrassed. During the day of counselling, ‘Electronics & Communication Engineering’ at Siliguri Institute of Technology was the only decent option left to me. My first few friends before reaching the college was Arnab (aka Arnie; now a proud father of a baby boy) and Partha (aka Smilie; happily married and no kids yet 🙂 ). Then I met the rest of the gang – Niluda, Ari, Ru, Deba, Bagree, Pandey, Haru, Suddha, Souvik, Subha, Manna to name a few…

I am feeling sleepy; it’s 11:30 pm IST now – gotta dream… more later



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