Day 003 – Twitty

1. Left tough times back; tougher ones to come. Relocated to the city of Dev, Soham and amader ‘Posenjit’. Missing golden star Ganesha and namma hudugi Aindrita …. And add to that a few posters of Namitha on Hosur Road Flyover pillars. But for now, enough entertainment in the Kolkata political circus.

2. Yet to share my contact details with all. Will do so in the next few minutes…

3. Entire Sector V is dug up – lots of infra projects going on. Hopefully, all for ‘Sundor Bhobisshot er Jonno’; the tagline on the construction barricades.

4. Domestic Help reported to work after 9 days sabbatical. Never thought that I would be concerned about the attendance of domestic helps. But now, they have a high priority in our life.

Enough for now; more blogs/ updates to follow


PS – and oh yes, still struggling with WordPress editing tool. I belong to the old thakuma category when it comes to facebook, twitter etc… 😦