Day 002 – Cogitatio

1. Nero fiddled as Rome burnt. We fiddle as Manipur burns. Can’t blame the government; North-east is always neglected. Hope senses prevail soon!

2. Maoists marauding through the country. As usual, we don’t deal with an iron hand – just talks and petty politics. But one thing is for sure – the tribal folks would remain neglected even after this. Shame!
Good luck Ms. Roy – hope you get some more cheap publicity by taking anti-government (and more important – illogical) stand on this.

salvere iubeo,


One thought on “Day 002 – Cogitatio

  1. Can’t say “Can’t blame the government”. They are the one supposed to take care of the citizens and the (possibly equal) development of all the regions in the country.

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