Day 006 – NewTown under the NewRegime

Dear Readers of my blog,

First, my apologies for putting up a new post after a really long gap. I am sure that going by the number of people who actually read my blog; I would classify you as rare beings. And the world knows that the rare beings deserve more attention than I could show in the past months.

On the personal front, I have shifted my base to NewTown. It’s back to it’s old name – NewTown after digressing to a not so cool Jyoti-Basu-Nagar because of the political compulsions the previous regime had. It’s been 6 months here and I have been staying almost continuously barring a 45 day period when I went to meet Uncle Sam. Now that I have settled here, I thought of putting up something for the interest of general public (Okay, the miniscule percentage of general public who bother to read my blog!)

To start with, I would like to congratulate Mamata Banerjee for changing the name back to what it was. ‘NewTown’ sounds much better than ‘JyotiBasuNagar’. It’s not that we prefer an english name because of our colonial hangover. It’s  because,  there is no point in associating someone who did nothing for West Bengal to a highly ambititous project of the government of West Bengal. 

Mamata di, you did this with the precision of a surgeon. I saw the name-plates of HICO Bhavan modified overnight and NewTown Kolkata Development Authority getting back a fresh new sign-board just like that. I was equally amazed by how you handled the media – didn’t see a single article on this issue. Okay, cynics would say that Bengal media was always a purchasable commodity. Even then, it was political move that deserves the appreciation of all the residents of NewTown.

Then, as I was getting more and more amazed with your political acumen; I was struck again by another move of yours which was an epitome of immaculate administration! You moved WBHIDCO to urban development ministry clearly indicating that the job here is to develop a township and not just a collection of housing societies; something which Gautam Deb clearly forgot! You hired a non-political boss, Sri Debasis Sen. A little scouting on the internet would show that he is a regular blogger. We couldn’t have imagined a prinicipal secretary blogging in the previous regime! Kudos to you. And then, as I searched the internet more and more, I found HIDCO planning to implement ERP, hiring PMUs etc.

With the pace the top bosses were changing the things, the ground staff couldn’t have left behind. I see a lot of work going around from infrastructural point of view at NewTown. I don’t have the time and resources to dig into each one of them, but I can clearly see and understand that NewTown under the new regime is clearly on focus. Lots of work happening and I am sure that it’s going to be the next big thing of India – probably better than Gurgaon or Noida.

My best wishes; and I hope that I would see the postive attitude of the management at HIDCO being percolated down to the grass root level!

PS: – I forgot to mention Rabindra Tirtha, KMOMA and the eco park at lake Nucifera. Once developed, they are bound to generate some good revenue and fill up government cash reserves.

Day 005 – Roktu Hos (The Sankrail Uprising)

Writing about politics in West Bengal is like passing by a construction site. You would get dirty even though you don’t understand an iota of construction/ engineering.

Nevertheless, I am compelled to write for a thought provoking incident that happened today. A group of landloser farmers stopped work at the proposed railway factory at Sankrail. For details, you may visit the following URL –

Now that you read the story, here is what I have to say.

@GeneralPublic – Dada bhai/ Didi bhai, I hope you do appreciate the fact that a factory would definitely be a good thing for the industry forsaken land of West Bengal. I also hope that the very fact that the land was acquired 30 years back, and the landlosers were rendered (almost) penniless puts forward a strong case of social justice and better compensation.

Now here lies the point – the landlosers need to be compensated. But the land does not need to be returned; that would affect the West Bengal economics negatively.

@Railways – Work out a compromise formula and ensure that adequate compensation is paid.

@BartamanPatrika – Let TMC do their job of carrying out the responsibility vested upon them by ‘Ma..Maati…Manush’. It’s not your business. I remember your articles related to Singur that emphasised how wrong it is to deprive a farmer of his land. However, for the Sankrail case, you are not supporting the farmers but simply terming them as CPM backed folks. Go and read TOI or Anandabazar  and you will understand that people from Congress/ TMC are as much in it as CPM. Land acquisition is a sensitive issue – don’t play with it. A newspaper’s job is to ‘report’ the news and not to write melodramatic articles.

@Didi – What shall I tell you! You wouldn’t anyway listen to anyone. Please ignore my post, your highness. 😛

@GeneralPublic (yes, once again!) – I hope that now you understand that Ms. Banerjee’s stand on NewTown is not the correct one. It’s a bad example that she has put and it would increase social unrest and block development. NewTown is suffering for the lack of electricity, sewer, drinking water and all because a tiny-winy group of people are objecting to let go of their land. Let’s work on how to get them compensated and let’s not have a negative impression.

@PeopleLikeMe – Do you understand why people like you don’t belong to the ‘Ma..Maati..Manush’ category? It’s because most of you don’t vote and your reaction on the ballot paper is of least signifcance to the political bigwigs. Vote and make a change!
The number of people evicted at NewTown is much less than the number of people who have bought properties there. Let’s unite and fight against this.


PS: Roktu Hos means ‘Stop’ in Nepali  (as per my knowledge ;))

Day 004 – 10 saal baad (Part I)

1. and you say that government banks lack business sense! Read this.

2. It’s been 10 years since 1st Sep, 2000 – our start day at Siliguri Institute of Technology. It’s been undoubtedly the best part of my life. Not only did it help me to become what I am today, but also it helped to find out my companion for life. And add to that the friends whom I met there; they are a very important part of my life.

I still remember the day when it all started. The West Bengal Joint Entrance examination, 2000. I had a decent physics and moderately ok chemistry examination. But mathematics wasn’t good – I still believe that my score must have been miserably poor. It wasn’t all my fault – the rickety wooden bench where I was seating in some government aided school @ south Kolkata, was full of bugs. They bit me on my palms, legs and I lost my concentration. Goofed up, finally.

The results were published on a sultry summer day at Kolkata; I could secure a rank. But I do not wish to disclose it and feel more embarrassed. During the day of counselling, ‘Electronics & Communication Engineering’ at Siliguri Institute of Technology was the only decent option left to me. My first few friends before reaching the college was Arnab (aka Arnie; now a proud father of a baby boy) and Partha (aka Smilie; happily married and no kids yet 🙂 ). Then I met the rest of the gang – Niluda, Ari, Ru, Deba, Bagree, Pandey, Haru, Suddha, Souvik, Subha, Manna to name a few…

I am feeling sleepy; it’s 11:30 pm IST now – gotta dream… more later


Day 003 – Twitty

1. Left tough times back; tougher ones to come. Relocated to the city of Dev, Soham and amader ‘Posenjit’. Missing golden star Ganesha and namma hudugi Aindrita …. And add to that a few posters of Namitha on Hosur Road Flyover pillars. But for now, enough entertainment in the Kolkata political circus.

2. Yet to share my contact details with all. Will do so in the next few minutes…

3. Entire Sector V is dug up – lots of infra projects going on. Hopefully, all for ‘Sundor Bhobisshot er Jonno’; the tagline on the construction barricades.

4. Domestic Help reported to work after 9 days sabbatical. Never thought that I would be concerned about the attendance of domestic helps. But now, they have a high priority in our life.

Enough for now; more blogs/ updates to follow


PS – and oh yes, still struggling with WordPress editing tool. I belong to the old thakuma category when it comes to facebook, twitter etc… 😦

Day 002 – Cogitatio

1. Nero fiddled as Rome burnt. We fiddle as Manipur burns. Can’t blame the government; North-east is always neglected. Hope senses prevail soon!

2. Maoists marauding through the country. As usual, we don’t deal with an iron hand – just talks and petty politics. But one thing is for sure – the tribal folks would remain neglected even after this. Shame!
Good luck Ms. Roy – hope you get some more cheap publicity by taking anti-government (and more important – illogical) stand on this.

salvere iubeo,